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Auto Paint Coating Problems and Solutions

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Auto Paint Coating Problems and Solutions

Paint film chalking:

Paint film chalking refers to the surface of the paint film in the atmosphere under the action of sunlight, oxygen and moisture reaction, aging is powdery off, the surface of the phenomenon of colored powder.

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Causes of paint film chalking

1. The coating film is aged by ultraviolet rays, water and oxygen in the process of use, the resin wrapping the surface of the pigment is destroyed, and the pigment is free and chalked.

2. Weathering performance of the selected coating is poor.

3. The coating film is too thin or is eroded by rain, fog, dew and chemical medium before drying.

4. No matching diluent or curing agent, resulting in the coating film both Poor tolerance.


1. Mild chalking, grind and polish the chalked parts of the paint film to restore the luster;

2. For severe chalking, scrape off the top coat, re-sand and reapply a top coat.



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