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  • Q How to mix the perfect paint?

    A 1. Store the masterbatch upside down.
    2. Stir the masterbatch.
    3. Shake new cans of masterbatch.
    4. Clean the mixing lid at all times.
    5. Ensure clean containers.

  • Q How to Repair Your Car Scratch?

    A Your vintage sports car deserves the best treatment, which is why you always park it in the farthest, emptiest reaches of the lot, as far as you can get from the possibility of a casual door ding perpetrated by a careless shopper. You even park it straddling two spaces, to protect its tender flanks. To your horror, a quick trip into the department store, punctuated by two long hikes across an empty expanse of lot (one into the store and a second back to the car), ends in your worst nightmare. Your car has been keyed by some psychopath, who even had the temerity to write you a rude note about the inappropriateness of your parking habits.
  • Q What is the construction process of dry grinding?

    A 1. Cleaning and degreasing
    2. Old paint divest
    3. Feather edge sanding
    4. Clean and degrease
    5. Scraping
    6. Atomic ash sanding
    7. Leveling check
    8. Dusting / inspection of pinholes
    9. Feather edge sanding
    10. Cleaning and degreasing
    11. Reverse masking
    12. Spraying of intermediate primers
    13. Infrared baking
    14. Sanding midway primer
    15. levelling check
    16. Pre-finishing
    17. Cleaning and protective
    18. Top coating

  • Q Common Problems in Coating--How to Repair Blowing?

    A Thoroughly remove paint from defective areas, then treat substrate as above and repaint. An anti-fish-eye agent can be added to the paint if necessary. However, before using such additives, be sure to consult the paint manufacturer about their use.
  • Q The cause of Solvent Popping and how to repair it?

    A 1. Reason:
    The air trapped under the paint film expands and separates the paint film from the substrate.
    2.  Repair method.
         According to the depth of the air bubble, sand off all the corresponding paint film, repair the lower layer of defects and repaint the paint.
  • Q How to repair fish eyes?

    A Thoroughly remove the paint layer from the defective area, then treat the substrate as described above and repaint. If necessary, an anti-fisheye additive can be added to the paint. However, always consult the paint manufacturer on the use of such additives before using them.


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