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05 - 09
Jingcai brand upgrade
"Jingcai" brand has experienced more than 20 years of precipitation since its establishment in 1993. We have accumulated rich experience in the field of automotive paint, established a good reputation in the industry, and are loved by customers.Adhering to the spirit of “keep up with the times and a
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11 - 06
The new upgrade: Super Fast Dry Clearcoat
This varnish is made of imported resin and imported curing agent. It has the characteristics of fast drying speed, high gloss, high hardness, lasting gloss and easy construction. Suitable for small area partial repair of middle and high-end cars.Mixing ratio (without thinner):P45 speed varnish: P45
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04 - 20
New Office of Foreign Trade Department
Today, the new office of our foreign trade department officially began to use. As the company's scale of development continues to grow and the number of customers it serves is increasing, we separate the foreign trade department, increase the office area, and expand the size of the foreign trade tea
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