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What Is The Role of Putty in Car Paint Repair?

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What Is The Role of Putty in Car Paint Repair?

What is the role of putty in car paint repair?


The main functions of putty in car paint repair are:

Leveling effect: Putty can fill small defects, pits, scratches or other processing marks on the paint surface to smooth the surface, and then polish it to make the next coating smoother.

Adhesion: Putty can adhere to the surface of the car to repair the body and exterior accessories to make it smooth and bright.

Protective effect: Putty can also prevent metal surfaces from being rusted and enhance the corrosion resistance of metals.

Decorative effect: The paint surface after leveling with putty can increase the fullness and beauty of the coating and improve the decorative performance.

A good car paint putty should have the following characteristics:

Strong adhesion: A good car paint putty should be closely combined with the car paint and not easy to fall off.

Good filling: The putty should be able to fully fill the defects and pits on the car paint surface, making the surface smooth.

Good polishability: A good putty should be able to present a smooth surface without traces after polishing.

Environmentally friendly: Putty should contain no harmful substances and should not affect the environment or human health.

Full color: The color of the putty should be similar to the color of the car paint, and the surface should be smooth and shiny.

Good weather resistance: Putty should be able to remain stable under various climatic conditions and not easy to age, discolor, or fall off.



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