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Can I spray paint my car?

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"Can I spray paint my car?"---We often have customers ask us this question. It seems that everyone wants to try to see if it is possible to paint their car at home. So now we will analyze it from the perspective of a professional automotive paint manufacturer. Is it feasible to spray paint at home?

First of all, Spray painting your car is not recommended as it may result in a poor paint finish, uneven color, and other appearance issues. Additionally, spray painting a vehicle without proper training and equipment may result in paint damage to the car's surface, which can affect the paint's durability and appearance. If you decide to paint your car, it is recommended to use a paint roller, paintbrush, or other painting tools to ensure a smooth and even finish.

Secondly, some friends often see hand spray paint for sale online. They feel that hand spray paint is very simple and easy to implement, so they want to try to buy some and try it themselves. However, hand spray painting cannot fully fulfill the function of car paint repair.

The main reasons are as follows:

1. Skills and experience requirements: Hand spray painting requires professional skills and experience, otherwise it may easily cause problems such as poor painting results and missed sprays. Without proper training or guidance, it can be difficult to achieve the desired paint results.

2. Construction environment requirements: Hand spray painting requires strict process flow and construction environment, such as the control of humidity, temperature and other factors, otherwise the construction effect will be affected. If the construction environment is not properly controlled, unsatisfactory spray paint results may result.

3. The composition of the paint does not match the original car paint: Hand spray paint is usually composed of simple chemicals, which are not the same as the original paint of the vehicle. This results in the corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and chemical resistance of the hand spray paint. Neither can be compared to the car's original paint. Using hand spray paint may cause the vehicle to lose its luster or fade in a short period of time.

4. The adhesion is different from the original paint: the adhesion of hand spray paint is much worse than that of the original paint, and it may start to peel off within a year after spraying. The paint surface is also very different from the original paint. Not only is there a certain color difference from the original paint, but the gloss is not as good as the original paint.

5. Safety issues: When spray painting by hand, if appropriate protective measures are not taken, health hazards may occur, such as inhaling paint dust or liquids.

Proper car painting procedures in an auto repair shop include the following:

1. Cleaning: Clean the car, identify the type of old coating, and determine the repair process.

2. Masking and degreasing: Protect the area around the damaged area with masking paper, and degrease the area that needs to be polished.

3. Remove old paint: Use a suitable type of sandpaper and sander to polish off the old paint in the damaged area.

4. Scrape putty: Use an appropriate amount of putty to scrape and apply, and bake and dry with an infrared baking lamp.

5. Sand the putty and old coating: Use a sander or hand sanding block with appropriate sandpaper to smooth the putty. If you need to apply putty again, you should reapply the putty in time to absolutely avoid rework due to putty problems later.

6. After cleaning, degreasing and masking the workpiece, use an air gun to blow away the dust on the surface, wipe the area around the putty clean with a degreaser, and finally mask the parts that need to be sprayed with primer.

7. Spray mid-coat primer: If there are exposed metal parts on the workpiece, anti-rust treatment should be done first. After the anti-rust primer is dry, spray two to three layers of prepared mid-coat primer on it, and then drying.



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