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Condolences for The Aged

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The coldness of Guangzhou in December is getting stronger and the temperature is about to have a big drop.

Guangzhou Huan Tong Coating Industry Co., Ltd. also took advantage of the cold wave has not yet arrived, prepared some daily necessities and food to let them spend a warm winter.


In the cold winter, whether the living environment of the elderly is warm enough is one of their most concerned issues. Therefore, Guangzhou HuanTong Coating Industry Co., Ltd. is concerned about whether the living environment of the elderly is warm enough while sending them living materials. We hope that through our efforts, the elderly can feel more warmth and care in the cold winter.

The action of sending warmth to the elderly in the old people's home is a contribution of Huan Tong Coating Industry Co. They hope that through their actions, they can arouse more people's attention and participation, and jointly contribute to the harmonious development of the society.

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