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Car Paint Color Grading Tips(Silver Powder)(1)

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Car Paint Color Grading Tips(Silver Powder)(1)


Whether in the sun or indoors, the body painted with silver paint always looks bright and full of soft metallic luster. We can't help but want to see more. We are used to calling the colored paint with a large amount of mica powder pearl paint, and the colored paint with aluminum powder metal paint or silver paint.

There are three classifications of silver powder: 

① according to the shape of silver powder particles.

② according to the brightness of silver powder particles.

③ according to the size of silver powder particles.

According to the shape of silver powder particles:

It can be divided into two categories: irregular shape and regular shape.

Regular shapes generally have oval and silver dollar shapes.

Irregular shape, each particle has no fixed shape, and there are various edges and corners on each particle.

These two kinds of silver powders are quite different in use: irregular silver powders have the function of "diffuse reflection", so the brightness of the front side is relatively low, but the brightness of the side view is higher; Regular silver powder has the same angle of reflected light on the surface, so its front brightness is higher and its side is relatively deep.

In practical application, if the front of the silver paint needs to be brighter and shallower, and the side needs to be darker, then changing to regular silver paint is the most common and effective method.

HTcoating particle shapes of different silver powders

HTcoating silver powder type Particle shape
Super fine bright silver Regular silver dollar shape
Ultra fine silver Irregular cereal shape
Fine silver Irregular cereal shape
Medium fine silver Irregular cereal shape
Fine silver flash Regular silver dollar
Fine silver glitter Regular silver dollar
Medium flash silver Regular silver dollar
Extra shiny silver Regular oval
Medium Silver Irregular cereal shape
Medium Silver Irregular cereal shape
Coarse Silver Irregular cereal shape
Extra coarse Silver Irregular cereal shape

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