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Car color grading tips(2)

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No matter in the sun or indoorsthe car sprayed with silver colorsalways looks shiny and attractive.

Accordina to the value ofsilver particles

It goes to two types : commonsilver and bright silver

The value of the frontcommon silver < bright silver

The value of the sidecommon silver > bright silver

Basically two kinds of silvers are mixed toapply in most of car models , which are mainlyconsidered from the following three aspects.

Coverage : Silvers with larger particleshave relatively weaker coverage performance and loose orientation . Silvers withfiner particles have strong coverage per -formance and tight orientation , whichcan effectively fill the room between thelarger silvers . The combination of suchtwo silvers makes a good balance of different coverage.

Sparkling : According to the silver charac -teristics , each type of silver has differentsparkling effect . The strong sparkling silvers make up the effects of the weakones , which makes the overall appearance more perfect.

The effect on the front and side : Somesilvers have great whiteness differenceson the face and side . The silvers withbright front may not have the same valueon the side , such as , medium fine whitesilver . medium silver and extra coarsesilver . Therefore , different types of silverscan be used for reaching better effects.


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