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Do you know what car clearcoat does?

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The function of automotive clear coat is to protect the surface coating of the vehicle from daily wear and tear and external environmental damage, while increasing the gloss and aesthetics of the car paint surface. Automotive clear coat is typically applied on top of the coating surface as a transparent protective layer, and serves the following functions:

  1. Resists daily wear and tear: Automotive clear coat can resist scratches, abrasion, weathering, UV damage and other daily wear and tear to prevent problems such as discoloration, fading or blistering of the paint.

  2. Enhances glossiness: Automotive clear coat can increase the glossiness of the car paint surface, making it look brighter and more textured.

  3. Protects the coating: Automotive clear coat can protect the coating from chemical substances, corrosion and oxidation, maintaining the stability and adhesion of the coating.

  4. Extends the coating lifespan: Automotive clear coat can extend the lifespan of the coating, reducing the frequency of maintenance and replacement, and enhancing the value and aesthetics of the vehicle.

In summary, the function of automotive clear coat is to protect the surface coating of the vehicle, enhance the aesthetics of the vehicle, and maintain the stability and lifespan of the coating.


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